How a Not For Profit Organisation can use a Virtual Assistant

A loyal, long time client of mine recently made the difficult decision to close their doors.  They were a not for profit organisation relying on volunteers to keep their organisation running.  They were a passionate group of ladies and had almost 300 members to their College. Despite their “day jobs”, they committed their time to run this organisation for many years, but recently it became more and more difficult to find people willing to form a Committee.

I began assisting this particular College back in 2008.  My initial work was general administrative jobs and assisting in the processing of registrations for their annual conference.  Over the years, my role grew and I helped in a number of areas particularly focusing on their conference and their memberships.  It was a rewarding experience especially since I began working with them not long after I started AJS Secretarial Solutions.

There are so many advantages for a not for profit to hire the services of a Virtual Assistant.  Consider the benefits of lightening the load of volunteers, and ensuring jobs are completed in a timely manner.  The main advantage is that you have access to experienced, well qualified professional support staff with NO COMMITMENT!  This is a fantastic resource and can make the difference to keeping your organisation motivated and happy without compromising your values.

Some types of jobs a VA can look after include:

  • Maintaining databases
  • Processing memberships
  • Keeping track of expenses and income
  • Conference / Event organisation including processing of registrations, resource development (brochures, flyers, programmes etc), name tags, chasing up payments and providing critical information about the event when it is over (number of attendees, demographic information, income and expenses etc).
  • Developing and editing of resources
  • Mail Outs
  • Newsletters

All of this and more is available to you at a reasonable hourly rate, without the need for you to pay employment associated costs. It is very low risk, you can trial a VA with less critical tasks at first until you build trust.  You can use a VA for a regular number of hours each week, or as and when you need them.  Outsourcing work in this way is catching on in the private sector, but charities, voluntary organisations and not for profits can benefit from this new way of working too.