Organise Your Office!

How many times have you walked into your office intending to get it organised?  How many times have you then told yourself that it can be done tomorrow?  If you really knew how much time that disorganisation cost you, it would be on top of your to do list!  A well-planned, well-organised office offers the best of all worlds — convenience, comfort and that professional image that drives us to succeed.

Think about how you would feel walking into this:

You would feel pretty happy working in a space that looks like this right?  Less anxiety, less clutter, less wasted time and much more control.  It doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take forever.  Here’s a few simple DIY steps for office organisation:

Step 1 Give yourself a WEEK.

Yes, a WEEK. You will feel SO overwhelmed so don’t feel like you have to tackle everything in ONE day.  But DO set a deadline. If you give yourself a month, it will take a month.

Step 2 Set up your systems first.

Knowing where you want things to end up at the end will help you when you get stuck.  Start by labelling 3 bags “Recycle”, “Shred” & “Trash”.

Then get some shoe boxes label them “To File”, “To Do” & “To Return”.

Finally, get a few more boxes for categories specific for your office.

Step 3 Purge your office 

De-clutter, empty, shred, get rid of everything that you don’t need or want. Look around. What haven’t you used in a while? Take one area at a time. If it doesn’t work, send it out for repair or toss it. If you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of when you’ll actually need it, out it goes.

Step 4 Establish work “zones”

Decide what type of activity happens in each area of your office. You’ll probably have a main workspace (most likely your desk,) a reference area (filing cabinet, shelves, binders,) and a supply area (closet, shelves or drawers.) Place the appropriate equipment and supplies  in the proper area as much as possible.

Step 5 Keep your desk clear

Remove everything, clean it thoroughly and put back only those items that are essential for daily use.

Your alternative option

If you live in the Melbourne Metro area, then you’re in luck because AJS Secretarial Solutions is now offering onsite office organisation!  So if you’re still having trouble getting motivated to organise your office, you know who to call!  Services include:

  • Office set-up and space planning
  • Paper management and de-cluttering
  • Establishing mail management systems
  • Modifying or creating file systems
  • Action item filling system assembly